Injured by Faulty Drugs or Products?

Seattle Injury Attorney Michael Withey Has Answers

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Some attorneys are frightened to file suits against corporate giants, despite any wrongs they may have committed. Seattle injury lawyer Michael Withey is an attorney committed to protecting the public. He fights for what is right. He is dedicated to promoting truth and justice and is willing to stretch his mind to come up with creative solutions to your legal problems. Not only does he have legal experience battling government agencies in instances of government liability, he is also experienced in taking on corporate giants in a variety of consumer cases. If you need an attorney who is devoted to protecting your rights, you need to contact our firm today.

Mike has successfully represented numerous workers who had to amputate limbs after sustaining injuries from poorly designed press brakes, wood moulders and other cutting machinery. He recovered over $900,000 for a worker who lost his hand while learning how to use a press break that had a faulty foot switch. He is investigating cases against Pfizer for the drug Chantix, a drug intended to curb nicotine addiction but may also cause seizures, blackouts and, at times, suicides for people shortly after they start using the product.

Standing up to Companies that Injure Consumers by Manufacturing Faulty Products

Manufacturers of faulty products are responsible for injuries resulting from their use. There are two main theories under which manufacturers can be held liable for faulty products:

  • Manufacturers are strictly liable when a consumer sustains an injury from a defective design or an improperly manufactured product
  • Manufacturers are also liable when they fail to warn the user about a product’s potential danger

If you are able to prove just one of these theories, you could recover compensation from the manufacturer for your injuries.

Fighting for the Rights of Those Hurt by Pharmaceutical Giants

Some of the most serious injuries occur when powerful drug companies manufacture and sell dangerous prescription and over-the-counter medications. The FDA requires a lengthy process for testing and selling such medications. Unfortunately, even FDA-approved drugs like Vioxx, Ortho Evra, Chantix, Prozac and Zyprexa can have serious or fatal side effects. In such instances, the pharmaceutical companies can and should be held responsible for any injuries that develop.

If you sustained injuries because manufacturer or pharmaceutical company made or sold a faulty product or dangerous drug, you should contact a Seattle injury attorney who is up to the challenge of seeking justice against a corporate giant.

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At the Law Offices of Michael Withey, we are prepared to stand up to prestigious companies that might scare off other attorneys. Through our extensive knowledge of the legal system and ability to craft creative legal strategies, we are able to overcome powerful defendants in many prestigious cases, leading to greater justice for the general public. If you need an attorney you can depend on, contact Seattle injury lawyer Michael Withey today to discuss your case.